Auxiliary Units

Hotel Maya

Hotel Maya is the first hotel in the heart of Culion. It stands next to the town's church and fortress, it sits atop a cliff, offering a breathtaking view. Its location provides easy access to various attractions within the town. Less than a minute away from La Inmaculada Church. The Culion Museum and Archives, a treasure trove of history, is just a five-minute stroll away.

Surrounded by the bustling energy of the town center, Hotel Maya finds itself amidst a vibrant tapestry of shops, restaurants, and notable landmarks, including the hospital and sanitarium. Moreover, as a unique initiative, Hotel Maya-Culion serves as a learning environment for students of the Senior High School of Loyola College of Culion .

It's noteworthy that all earnings generated from the hotel's operations are dedicated to supporting deserving scholars enrolled at LCC. 

LCC Enterprise

The Enterprise Center is a business development space for students. It serves as the business incubator for senior high school students in their entrepreneurship class. There, they apply their lessons in accounting, marketing, and operations to have practical experience in running a business. More recently, in addition to being an incubator, the school invested in printing equipment (i.e. for tarpaulins, shirts, mugs, IDs, etc.) to open up business opportunities for the students, and one of the school's young graduates is managing it as an auxiliary unit for the school. Through the Enterprise Center, the school hopes to encourage an entrepreneurial mindset among the students and residents of Culion, and promote more commercial activity on the island.