The Loyola Scholarship Program (LSP) is divided into two.

The LSP Academic Scholarship recognizes and supports academically-gifted students who demonstrate exceptional intellectual promise. The school hopes that through this scholarship, these students will work hard to nurture their God-given talents for the service of family, school, community, and country.

The LSP Financial Assistance Scholarship is the school's contribution to breaking down the barriers that hinder economically disadvantaged students from accessing quality education. This scholarship aims to provide financial assistance and support to those in need, so that every aspiring student can pursue their dreams and have a bright future ahead.

LSP scholarship starts in Grade 7 and continues throughout Grade 12. LSP scholars will need to renew their scholarship yearly and shall render 40 hours return service per semester.

The Educational Assistance program is one of the employee's benefits wherein every LCC faculty and staff member has educational assistance for their children or direct dependents like siblings. In addition to this, an employee can also support one to four additional students, excluding their direct dependents, depending on their designation.

For diner staff -  1 JHS scholar and 1 SHS scholar

For San Ignacio staff - 1 SHS scholar

Faculty and Enterprise and Hotel Maya staff - 2 JHS and 2 SHS scholars

Each scholar will receive a 70% discount and still need to pay graduation fee. This scholarship starts in Grade 7 and continues throughout Grade 12 as long as stated by the employee. 

Children or direct dependents of permanent full-time faculty and staff who are enrolled at LOYOLA COLLEGE OF CULION receive 100% tuition discount and will only pay graduation fee.

The IP Scholarship or Tagbanwa Secondary Scholarship program of the Jesuit Indigenous Peoples Ministry of the Loyola College of Culion aims to provide the Tagbanwa youth of Culion the opportunity to finish their secondary education. This program aims to foster a new generation of leaders and members who will contribute to the development of their respective IP communities. 

Scholars under this program can opt to stay at a dormitory provided for by the school or at a boarding house near the school. Each scholar will be provided free tuition, free uniform, school supplies, and regular academic assistance by the IP Ministry staff. Dormers will be provided free lodging and food while boarders will be given a monthly allowance not exceeding P500 which shall be used for the payment of rent.

The scholarship starts in Grade 7 and continues throughout Grade 12. Scholars under this program will need to renew their scholarship yearly and shall provide a monthly contribution of P100 for the duration of the school year which will be used for their educational, medical and other needs.