As a Catholic High School, Loyola College of Culion believes that Jesus Christ is our Great Teacher and Model who will lead all people to salvation and the fullness of life. 

As a Jesuit Mission School, Loyola College of Culion places itself in the service of the Church’s mission in proclaiming and promoting the Kingdom of God through the ministry of education.  Like St. Ignatius of Loyola, Loyola College of Culion desires to promote “the greater glory of God” by fully developing our human potentials and freely offering them to love God especially by serving “the last, the least and the lost” among His people.


Loyola College of Culion hopes to nurture four (4) core values:  Christ-centeredness, Competence, Compassion for the Marginalized and Care for our Common Home.

1.Christ-centeredness:  that students may better understand our Catholic faith, have a deeper personal relationship with Christ, and live authentic Christian lives in communion with the Church.

2.Competence:  that students may grow in understanding the world and modern technology, and fully develop their skills in relating to various cultures and situations.

3.Compassion for the Marginalized:  that students may better recognize those who are marginalized in society and strive to create a world and situation where all people live in harmony as one family of God.

4.Care for Common Home:  that students may recognize that they are stewards of God’s creation, and that they are called to develop and protect our environment not only for themselves but for all generations to come.


As a High School, Loyola College of Culion aims to produce graduates who are:

1.College-Ready: equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to better understand and overcome challenges in higher education; desiring of greater depth and relevance in their lessons; stronger in faith in the face of new and complex ideas; disciplined in pursuing their goal in the face of many distractions.

2.Job-Ready: equipped with sufficient knowledge and skills to take on various jobs;  willing to learn and develop their talents in the workplace; capable of properly relating to superiors and peers in the workplace; capable of leading communities in solving problems; courageous in promoting the welfare of people and the environment.