Tracks Offered In Senior High School

Humanities and Social Sciences is a strand offered to senior high school students under the Academics track. The HUMSS Senior High School strand is designed for students who intend to take up journalism, communication arts, liberal arts, education, and other social-science related courses in college. Because these courses revolve heavily around interacting with other people, the Senior High School HUMSS strand is all about improving students’ reading, writing, and speaking skills.

HUMSS immerses its students to different critical thinking and understanding activities in the learning process. Indulging every student to become socially aware of their environment. A strand that will give them an overview of what will they take part in their higher education.

HUMSS is heavily-centered on research and will require students to read, write, and present multiple papers throughout senior high school. Students under this strand will be exposed to eye-opening subjects such as world religions, Philippine and world literature, political and community development specialization subjects, and more.

TVL Track: Tourism Promotion Strand is a strand that will train students in the promotion of tourism products and services. This consists of specializations equivalent to qualifications under garments, tourism, health, processed food and beverages, and social and other community development service sectors. Students with tourism promotion specializations will be able to demonstrate the necessary skills, competencies, and values in providing efficient services to others and to the community.

TVL strand helps students acquire job-ready skills. This track does not only guarantee skills but also ensures employment.