The Registrar is a member of the Academic Council and the Administrative Council. She is responsible for furnishing the President a copy of the Registrar’s Annual Accomplishment Report and other academic and administrative reports. As member of the Academic Council, he/she may be appointed by the President to act as Secretary of the Council.

School's Registrar

1. Assists top administration in the formulation and enforcement of policies on admissions, enrolment, accreditation, and graduation. 

2. Plans, supervises, and is responsible for: 

3. Signs Transcript of Records and other related documents. 

4. Resolves questions on academic policies, and regulations and students.

5. Maintains linkages with other Registrars in connection with student records and registrar’s concerns. 

 6. Requests the needed equipment and supplies. 

7. Submits Annual Accomplishments Report to the President.

8. Acts as secretary of the Academic Council as designated by the President of the School.

9. Serves as the contact person of the Loyola College with Deped and other schools.

In-charge of Admissions 

1. Prepares admission and enrolment materials.

2. Coordinates admission and enrolment of new students. 

3. Reviews, checks, and verifies authenticity of submitted credentials of new students requesting admission to Loyola College of Culion.

4. Requests for F137 and F138 of newly admitted students. 

5. Arranges and files credentials of new students.

6. Prepares enrolment list.

In-charge of Records  

1. Prepares and issues F-137 and certifications for Junior and Senior High School students. 

2. Reads and checks entry of F 138 every end of school year 

3. Assists in the completion and graduation activities of Grade 10 and Grade 12.

4. Prepares enrolment list and statistics of Junior and Senior High School students 

5. Prepares list of Candidates for Graduation 

6. Assists in the selection of honor students 

7. Keeps and maintains all students records, past and present 

8. Manages, accounts, controls and maintains students’ records and secure their integrity and confidentiality 

In-charge of Request, Receiving and Releasing

1. Accommodates, receives, processes and releases request for transcript of records, certifications, transfer credentials and other academic records. 

2. Attends to prompt compliance and release of requested records and information. 

3. Keeps daily records of incoming and outgoing records.

4. Prepares and generates requested academic records.

5. Prepares various registration forms and enrolment documents. 

6. Maintains logbooks for recording of incoming requests for academic records and their releases. 

7. Manages, accounts, controls and maintains students’ records and secure their integrity and confidentiality.

8. Classifies, arranges, files and stores active and inactive records and files. 


Enrolment Requirements for Grade 7 and Grade 11 Enrollees:

For Returning Students:

For Transfer Students:


Enrollment Procedure

Step 1: Get an enrollment form from your Class Adviser based on your grade level. If you are an incoming Grade 7 student, get the form from the Grade 7 Class Adviser. You can ask the school guard for the designated adviser for each grade level. If you are an old LSP Scholar, get LSP renewal application form from the assigned teacher.

Step 2: Fill out all the required details on the enrollment form and submit the enrollment requirements to the registrar. The enrollment form should be signed by the registrar.

Step 3: Visit the Principal for evaluation and have the principal sign the enrollment form.

Step 4: Proceed to the Cashier to pay the P500.00 enrollment fee and have the cashier sign the enrollment form.

Step 5: Go to the assigned class adviser. Submit the enrollment form, ensuring that all necessary details are complete and signed by the required individuals.

Step 6: Go to the Library to get your textbooks.

Step 7: Have your photo taken for the school ID.

Note from the registrar: Do not take the enrollment form home as it is the most important document indicating that the student is officially enrolled.