Fr. Bogs Launches 60 YEARS for 60 SCHOLARS

As Fr. Bogs Tapiador celebrated his 60th Birthday last March 4, 2022, he also launched a fund-raising campaign for Scholarships called "60 YEARS FOR 60 SCHOLARS." This will be a whole year fund-raising campaign for the High School education of 60 Tagbanua scholars who will study at Loyola College of Culion.


Jesuit Mission in Culion started in 1906 when Culion became a leper colony under the American Commonwealth Government. It was in the mid-1980s when leprosy became curable. In 2008, the Jesuits started to focus its mission in Culion to the Indigenous Peoples called the Tagbanuas. The Tagbanuas are considered one of the oldest ethnic groups in the Philippines as they are probably descendants of the Tabon Man, the earliest human remains found in the Philippines. The Tagbanuas of Culion comprise approximately 10% of Culion's total population of more than 20,000 people.